Is Ophiuchus changing your zodiac? - ๐ŸŒŸ Update: Ophiuchus impact

As an expert in astrology and the zodiac universe, I've been asked countless times, "Has the introduction of Ophiuchus affected my zodiac sign?" The short answer is, it depends.

The zodiac signs we know and love are based on a system that dates back to the ancient Greeks. This system divided the sky into 12 equal parts, each named after the constellation that appeared in it. Ophiuchus was known to the ancient Greeks, but they chose not to include it in the zodiac for the sake of symmetry.

Fast forward to today, the International Astronomical Union defined the boundaries of the 88 official constellations, which include Ophiuchus. Due to the Earth's wobble on its axis, the Sun appears to pass through Ophiuchus for about 18 days each year. This led some people to argue that there should be a 13th zodiac sign, Ophiuchus, and that the dates of the other zodiac signs should change accordingly.

However, Western astrology, which most of us follow, is based on the seasons, not the constellations. This is why Western astrology's zodiac signs don't align with the constellations as they appear in the sky today. So, in Western astrology, the introduction of Ophiuchus has no effect on your zodiac sign.

But if you follow sidereal or Vedic astrology, which is based on constellations, the introduction of Ophiuchus might affect your zodiac sign. In this system, you might be an Ophiuchus if you were born between November 29 and December 17.

If you're curious about what being an Ophiuchus means, it's said to represent a person who is a seeker of wisdom and knowledge, who values peace and harmony, and who has a flamboyant dressing sense and a liking for bright colors.

Whether you're a Scorpio or a Sagittarius who's worried about becoming an Ophiuchus, or you're just curious about how the universe and the stars influence our lives, remember that, in the end, what matters most is who you choose to be.

Are you more like a Scorpio or an Ophiuchus?

Take this interactive quiz to find out if your personality aligns more with the traits of a Scorpio or an Ophiuchus. Remember, this is just for fun and you are who you choose to be!

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